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Why is Bob not a happy camper?

Because he spent more and got less.
How much should companies invest
in mobile strategies today?

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What's different between Steve and Bob?

Meet Steve

Steve invested in a custom mobile website. He gets over 10,000 visits a month.

This guy is happy.

Say hi to Bob

Bob also invested in a custom mobile website.
He's only getting about 10 visitors a month.

He is one upset client!

Everyone can agree that they do not want to end up like Bob.

They're both smart business owners, but Steve has a marketing team that monitors his web analytics to pin point issues and spot opportunities. Bob, like the majority of business owner does not have the time.

Why are Mia and Jane smiling?

Meet Mia

She launched an mStartUp site for $399.
The analytics reported very high traffic.
Mia will invest in more mobile strategies.

This gal is very happy.

Meet Jane

Jane also launched an mStartUp site for $399.
Her analytics reported 10% mobile traffic.
Jane is happy with her product.

She is also a very happy gal

Keep it simple and smart

They've both invested in mStartUp and are using the power of its mobile web analytics to grow their business. Without blowing their budget.

We keep it simple and smart,
because everything else
is complicated.

Knowledge drives success.

mStartUp gives you analytic insights that help
generate new revenue and customers

percent of all Internet usage
comes from mobile phones d’internet

Get started today and experience mobile websites the way they were meant to be.

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